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MI2 webinars focus on the convergence of modern infrastructure and machine intelligence. Each month we will bring you informative and insightful sessions covering cutting edge technologies. MI2 strives to be an independent and neutral platform for exploring emerging technologies.

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Machine Learning is not Magic

Predictive Analytics with MS Excel

9:00 AM PST / 9:30 PM IST

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How Modern Infrastructure & Machine Intelligence Disrupt the Industry

Machine Learning is not magic! Demystify the terms such as algorithm, model, learning rate, loss function through the most familiar tool - Microsoft Excel. We will take a simple dataset and build a predictive model while learning the foundations of Machine Learning

Machine Learning is not Magic - Predictive Analytics with MS Excel


Janakiram is an analyst, architect, and advisor. He is a Microsoft MVP, Google Developer Expert for Cloud, Microsoft Regional Director, IBM Champion, and Ambassador for Cloud Native Computing Foundation. He is certified on AWS, Azure, GCP, and Kubernetes technologies. Janakiram advises startups on modern infrastructure and machine intelligence domains. He worked at Microsoft, AWS, and Alcatel-Lucent.


- Past Webinars -

Attend this session to learn the foundations of Docker that helps you deploy your first containerized applications. From managing container lifecycle to configuring the private registry, this webinar will cover everything you need to setup the Docker testbed in the cloud. You will walk away with a clear understanding of Docker architecture and the tools.

Getting Started with Containers

Attend this session to learn everything about deploying a Kubernetes Cluster. I will walk you through all the steps involved in configuring a live Kubernetes cluster running in DigitalOcean. We will explore the key components of Kubernetes infrastructure.

Getting Started with Kubernetes

In the last session, we took a closer look at the Kubernetes architecture. In the latest webinar of this series, you will learn the key concepts and terminology of Kubernetes such as Nodes, Labels, Pods, Replication Controllers, Services. we will walk you through the process of building, deploying, and scaling a microservices application in Kubernetes.

A Closer Look at Kubernetes

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